Rockhampton Round

Rockhampton Round, 16 caches, 5 miles, Avon, Map

Completed 2nd September 2012

An Ford Zodiac & Consul

I completed this series whilst on a camping trip in the area, unfortunately the weather wasn’t brilliant, it was very overcast but at least it was dry. This is a series of 16 caches on a circular walk between Thornbury and Rockhampton. After reading the logs regarding cattle, I decided to leave Pip behind for this one.

As I parked the car and started walking up the first hill I soon spotted the cows. It was quite wet and boggy underfoot across the fields. I was a little perturbed to see some guys ahead of me carrying some riffles over their shoulders.  It wasn’t very long before I had caught up with them and it turned out that they were hunting deer! I just hoped they would wait until I was out of the way before they began shooting and I was a bit wary until I was some distance away!

Following overnight rain the fields were very wet but my boots seemed to be holding up well. I was pleased when we reached a road and some easier, dry, terrain! The trail came out at a church at Rockhampton at the back of the cemetery, I would have liked a look inside but there was a service in progress so could not do so today.

The path after the church was extremely overgrown, but I made way through it to reach the cricket pavilion. The pitch was full of puddles and I noticed a sign nailed to a tree that stated that it was “not permitted to gallop my horse over the common, by order”! Certainly no chance of that, I left my horse at the campsite!


The trail followed the road through Rockhampton, passing an interesting old farmhouse where an old Ford Zodiac and Consul cars were left rotting in the front garden, it was quite a strange sight.

After walking through the village along the road, the trail then headed back into the countryside and the the most muddiest walk up to GZ that I have ever ever come across. It was pure slude, ankle deep. I could not find away around it, so had no choice but to go through it. Fortunately I was able to clean them off a bit through the wet grass on the way home.

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Rockhampton Round
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