Rotherfield Greys

Rotherfield Greys, 5.4 Miles, 13 Caches, Oxfordshire, Map

Grey's Court
Grey's Court

This series of caches forms a circular walk around Grey’s Court, a picturesque 16th Century mansion set in the rolling Chiltern Hills. The National Trust owns the house but there is a public footpath leading through the grounds.

I did the walk in reverse order which meant that there was a short uphill section to start the walk.

We passed through Greys Green where a cricket match was about to begin, however the local team appeared to warming up by playing a game of football!!

The walk continued upwards through Sam’s Wood and then into the open countryside at Shephard’s Green. The caches on the series were quite spaced out which gave me plenty of opportunity to enjoy the surroundings.  We then needed to get into Padnell’s Wood for the next section, but this was a bit tricky due to huge tree that had fallen across the path right in front of the entrance.  Once through Padnell’s Wood we crossed through Holly Grove, it was quite a long walk through and a little soft underfoot in places, but I enjoyed navigating the paths.  Pip was in her element and seemed to be enjoying herself chasing squirrels up trees, but not actually getting anywhere near catching one!

Lots of woodland trails

A brief section in the open before re-entering more woodland (Tartary), this time there were lots of puddles and Pip seemed to want to walk through all of them!  After Tartary, we entered Pissen and Earl’s Wood and through a section that had been recently felled before heading up an extremely steep hill.

On the way up I overtook a couple of mountain bikers who had chosen to try and cycle all the way up but they would have been quicker getting off and pushing!

At this point it started to get very busy with mugggles as we started to get near to Grey’s Court, so I had to work quickly to find each cache, part way through the wood we took a track that was a bit off the beaten path and much quieter.  The trail continued through more woods, first Famous Copse and then into Lambridge Wood. I had a bit of problems getting a decent GPS reception at this point which made hunting out the caches a bit trickier.

As we got closer to Grey’s Court, so it got busier with muggles, they seemed to all have a route map which I presume they got from the National Trust.  I’m glad that I did the walk in reverse order as it meant walking past Greys Court at the end of the walk and I could take a bit more time to enjoy it.

This was a very enjoyable walk, apart from the start (or end) the terrain was pretty easy going. Pip loved it through the woods and I didn’t have to worry about here running off and getting into trouble. I had a great afternoon of geocaching.

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Rotherfield Greys
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