Dunsden Dawdle

Dunsden Dawdle, 3 Miles, 21 caches, Oxfordshire, Map

Completed on 26th August 2012

Well I never Pip!

This was one of those series that kept coming up on my to do list, so today I eventually got around to doing it. I decided to park down the road besie a brewery because parking was very limited closer to number 1.  From the parking spot we headed up the road and took the bridleway along Tagg Lane to begin the walk.  Today I was out with Pip the geodog, it was the first time that she had been out for a while due to an injury she had been recovering from.

After picking up 2 or 3 caches I came to the end of Tagg Lane, where, whilst searching for a cache I met a muggle. We had a chat about geocaching and he went on his way. I always think it is best to explain what you are up to when in this situation.  There was no number 6, so I quickly located number 7 and moved onto to find number 8.  We passed several nice cottages as we walked along the road trying to locate the footpath to take us to GZ. Even though it was sign posted from the road it was very well hidden down the side of some houses, it was very narrow with lots of nettles.

It was a lovely morning and on the way to number 9 we spotted a fantastic classic silver car parked in someones drive. It had been recently polished and left out shinning brightly in the sunlight.  From here the trail went through a village and passed by Binfield Church. Of unusual design it stood proudly in the village.  The next half a dozen caches were of various sizes and not too difficult but I do recommend you take a pair of tweezers for this series.  The path from the church was almost straight and led downhill towards a busy road. When planning the walk I wasn’t sure what would happen once we reached this road. There isn’t any paths marked on the map but fortunately there is one that runs parallel to road along the bottom edge of the field.

We then started heading towards home. First there was a steep uphill climb between a narrow tree lined path. Unfortunately, I had a dnf along here, I searched for a while and then had to give up when a muggle started walking up the hill behind me. Thankfully, the final few caches were not too difficult and after number 19 we headed back into Dunsden Green. With no-one about at the green, I was able to find the last one (actually the first one) without any trouble. I though that this was a lovely series with some challenging caches along the way. It is a reasonably flat walk which was safe for dogs. Clearly a lot of time and effort has gone in it.

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Dunsden Dawdle
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