Crisps Rural Walk

Crisps Rural Walk, 31 caches, 6 Miles, Hampshire, Map

Completed on 19th August 2012

Crisps Rural Walk

This series of 27 caches with others to be found along the route starts from the village of Oakley in Hampshire.  The series is so called the Crisps Rural Walk because the cache names are anagrams of crisp snacks for added amusement along the way.

With nice and flat, well defined and and easy to navigate paths, this was a very easy going walk. The trail has a good mix of scenary and terrain and the various trees and woodland along the way give shade from the sun. It is also very dog friendly, no livestock apart from one small field of sheep and no stiles, not one! Bring water for your doggles in the summer though, as apart from the puddles there aren’t any streams. There is a good variety of caches, different sizes and difficulties and several innovative ones too.

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Crisps Rural Trail
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