Geolympix Marathon Series Ring B

Geolympix Marathon Series Ring B, 19 Caches, 5 miles, Buckinghamshire, Map

Completed 11th August 2012

The windmill, visible from every ring

Having already had two full days caching this week and completing 4 of the 5 rings, I felt compelled to return today and complete the final ring of the series. The weather was glorious once again. I parked again in Turville,  it was much busier here today and the locals had put a sign out “No parking on the village green” so I guess they were expecting visitors today.  Symbow drew up alongside me in the car park, we had met once before on a trail so we had a quick chat and then we went off to do separate rings.

The trail headed across fields, then through someones back garden and then once again up a steep hill, having climbed the hill 4 times this week, I was not surprised. Once again I was treated to some fantastic views and more Red Kite flying about above.    The trail took me along a nice flast forest track, through Great Wood and Kimble Wood, which was mainly of tall pine trees, a change to the beach trees of the other woods. After a nice flat section, we headed up hill again, out in the open, my legs were quite tired by the top.

At Southend, a little hamlet, we had to cross through the bottom of a private garden, the owners were keen that we followed the right path and left some large signs to guide us. Shortly after here, there were some more fantastic views at the top of the hill looking across the valley below, I could have sat here for ages watching the cows grazing in the field across the valley, the sheep in the field below and several red kite circling around above, pure magic.

A steep down hill section, followed by an equally steep uphill section left me out of breath and bought me to Turville Court. A short walk past Turville Court through the fields to GZ and more far reaching views, the windmill was back in sight so I knew this was soon to be the end of the walk.

As I rested on the hill to take in the last views over the valley and an excellent view of the windmill. I located my last cache and signed the log of this absolutely brilliant and breath taking series. The rings are set in a most beautiful part of the world. Where do I start, well I guess with the the beautiful village of Turville, the setting for Vicar of Dibley and others, then there is the vast woodland trails which kept me cool but best of all was the amazing views once I reached the top of those hills. The Windmill is the constant focal point in the series, visible from every ring somewhere and a comes back into sight towards the end of each one. There was also plenty of wildlife most notably the deer, squirrels and of course those Red Kite. To sum up, this was probably the best 3 days of geocaching I’ve had. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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Geolympix Marathon series Ring B
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