Geolympix Marathon Series Ring E

Geolympix Marathon Series Ring E, 20 Caches, 3 Miles, Buckinghamshire, Map

Completed on 10th August 2012

Church at Fingest

After a the mornings geocaching around Ring A, I returned to the car for a cool down and a bite of lunch. From where I had parked in Skirmett, I first found numbers 20 & 21 and then picked up the rest in order from number 1.  These first few caches were placed along the road to Fingest. Once at Fingest I passed the old church that I had seen at the end of yesterday’s caching. On the way through the village I came across a foreign cyclist who needed pointing in the right direction. After passing through the village I then headed into the countryside once more and another steep uphill climb, as seems par for the course on this series.  It was another very hot sunny afternoon, so by the time that I reached the top of the hill I was in need of refreshment and a rest. I was tempted to sit down on the seat that was perfectly positioned on the hill top for taking in the fantastic view, but I knew if I did I wouldn’t get going again. I crossed over a stile erected in memory of Henry Bridges Fearon 1907 – 1995 “who, as  a “Fieldfare”, brought the love of the English countryside to a multitude of happy pilgrims” the inscription on the stile read

“O, lucky, lucky travellers… rest a while

Beside my simple country stile.

My eyes have looked across this valley,

and my heart has pounded  at the beauty of it.”

Heading into Mousells wood it was a bit cooler, but also a bit muddy! I picked up 3 of 4 caches on the way through, the path coming out at Frieth.  From here the trail began to turn and head back home. I was lucky enough to see some more Red Kite circling in the sky above.  It was a nice peaceful walk back through Hill’s Wood and then a steep down hill path then edge of Hatchet Wood. As I emerged from the trees, I once again had sight of the windmill, signifying the end of the walk. I briefly paused on top of the hill for one last look at the view before descending it and returning back to Skirmett.

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Geolympix Marathon series Ring E
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