Geolympix Marathon series Ring D

Geolympix Marathon series Ring C, 6 Miles, Turville, Buckinghamshire, map

St Batholomew's, Fingest

Following a brilliant mornings caching around Ring D, I returned to the village of Turville, topping up with fresh water from the village church before climbing the very steep Turville Hill to Cobstone Mill. That hill has to be one of the hardest climbs I’ve done and I needed a rest at the top before continuing on the ring.  The views from the top of the hill back down to the village were quite wonderful and is the same view seen at the beginning of each episode of the Vicar of Dibley.

After a short rest up to recover my breath, it was onward along the trail, this time down hill through the coolness of the forest to reach the bottom of the valley. Here it was very warm and airless on such a hot day, the crops however were soaking up the sun and ripening n readiness for harvesting which could not be too long away.  There was a notable number of squirrels that kept darting across the path but keeping me company as I walked along it.

The trail continued through the wood for quite some way, it was very peaceful here, with the occasional bird singing somewhere above me in the trees. Almost half way around the ring, I reached Twigside Bottom, where the woodland path briefly left the shade of the trees and back into the sunshine, then quickly turned back into the woods and began another very steep climb up a hill through the trees, a reoccurring feature of the series!

I struggled up the hill eventually emerging at the top into a field and began heading in the direction of the motorway, which I could now hear in the distance but had been totally oblivious to it whilst in the woods. A few more caches were bagged as I walked through the crop fields, the motorway getting closer with each step.  Eventually reaching a road that had to be followed for short way before rejoining the footpath. As I left the road the path lead me across the top of the hill from where there were so lovely views.

The final part of the ring took me back into the cool shade of the wood, after the brightness of the afternoon sunshine, the woods seemed very dark. A final steep downhill section led to the village of Fingest passing the Norman church of St, Batholomew with it’s massive Norman tower which was built early in the 12th century and which has unusual twin gables. As I walked down the hill, I stopped and watched several Red Kite soaring in the sky above a few horses graving in the field below them. From here it was a short walk along the bottom of Turville Hill to return to the car at the end of a beautiful day.

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Geolympix Marathon series Ring D
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