North by North West (of Nam!)

North by North West (of nam!), 20 cache, 5 Miles, Chippenham, Wiltshire, Map

Bolelyde Manor

I cached this series at the end of July, I was on holiday so wanted to get out and do some geocaching despite the weather which, I have to say was not very good on that particular day. I went prepared with full waterproofs on to keep me dry. I hate wearing waterproofs, I get too hot in them so when it stopped raining enough to remove them after the 4th cache I was quite happy.

This series starts off from Chippenham golf club which was undergoing huge building working that had resulted in some of the footpaths being difficult to find. I dnf’d on the first cache, I knew that it had gone as the clip is was attached to was still in place. So, I moved on to number 2 and another dnf, as these were near the golf course I thought that they could quite feasibly have been muggled. After another dnf at number 3 I began to wonder if the series had been taken up. I carried on to number 4 and was pleased to locate it and put the others down to bad luck. Further on in the series I had a yet another dnf, in the end it turned out that three of them had gone missing and one had rolled down the bank out of sight.

So, starting from golf club the trail briefly crosses through some of the greens in front of the club house before heading towards Allington through some farmland, which includes a field of cows. From Allington there is a short road section along a quite lane which passes in front of Bolehyde Manor a lovely 14th Century grade II listed building, which was once the home to Andrew and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Then through Heywood Farm, Down Farm before arriving at Kington St Michael Where there is a little series called St Michael’s Lost Chord, There are 6 caches around the village I picked up a couple as I passed through, I would have got another if wasn’t some muggles having a chat beside it!

From Kington St Micheal, the trail returns to the golf club and there are a couple of routes back, one takes you across the golf course and probably the easiest way to go. Or, you can grab an extra cache called “hidden stile”. I went for this one and at the time of year when the grass and crops are at their tallest and after rain, it wasn’t very long before I was absolutely drenched from foot to waist as I battled along the overgrown paths, all worth it for an extra cache.

Despite the 4, yes 4 dnf’s I still had a great time on this trail.

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North by North West (of Nam)
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