Out & About in Sussex and Henfield Hike

Out & About in Sussex and Henfield Hike, 9 Miles, 48 Caches, West Sussex, map

Old tractor seat

I combined The Out and about in Sussex and the Henfield Hike trails to form a figure of eight walk totaling 9 miles and 48 caches both series have been placed by cachedrag0n

I began the walk from the church at Aldbourne village near Hurstpierpoint taking in the first 10 caches on the Out & About in Sussex trail. At the start of the trail there is a large vineyard on top of the hill which reminded me very much of being in France, there were also some fine views from here. I then switched on to the Henfield Hike series.

The two series worked well when combined together. The Henfield Hike is the shorter of the two and has 16 caches plus a church micro. This series took me through an “exotic animal park” where I watched a huge herd of deer grazing in the sunshine. After a very pleasant walk through the wide open space of the park, passing Woodmancote Place, a large country house used as a country club, I reached the lovely St. Peter’s church at Woodmancote.

In the middle of the graveyard of St.Peter’s is a new memorial plaque dedicated to Thomas Harland and John Oswald of Woodmancote village, who on 6th of June 1556, were amongst the ‘Protestant Martyrs’ burnt at the stake in Lewes. Some parts of the Henfield Hike were very overgrown and muddy, so you would be wise to wear good boots and and long trousers on this series.

After completing the Henfield Hike I found a suitable place to stop for lunch, by the afternoon it gad got quite warm walking in the sunshine. After lunch I continued finding the caches on the Out & About in Sussex series. This series of 32 caches is about 6 miles long. The countryside on this series takes you through so nice open with some great views, The Henfield Hike had more woodland trails both however were very enjoyable and provided a great day of geocaching.

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Out & About in Sussex

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