Bobs 60 Years Trail

Bobs 60 Years Trail, 60+ Caches, 10 Miles, East Sussex, Map


Bobs 60 Years Trail celebrates 6 decades of the life of Poohtiggs. I decided to start this series from the 17th cache at South Chailey because I was hoping to complete the Chailey link which also starts from the same location. As it turned out I was too tired at the end of the day for another series.

The walk turned out to be just under 11 miles long and was ideal for a full days geocaching. The trail covers a variety of terrain but virtually all on footpaths or bridleways with just the occasional road. Overall it was pretty easy to navigate, there was just one section where I got frustrated when I couldn’t find the footpath which was hidden down the side of a private drive.

Following a grey start to the day the weather soon improved and by the afternoon the sun was shinning and it turned out to be a very nice day, there were a few sections through woodland which was very pleasant under the cool shade of the trees. Some small parts of the trail were a bit overgrown at this time of year (July) but the geopole helped out with this.

Bobs 60 years trail is a very enjoyable walk through the Sussex countryside and should appeal to cachers who like a longer series.

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Bobs 60 Years Trail
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