Cameley & Back

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Litton Reservoirs

The Cameley & back trail is a very pleasant country walk but go prepared, even during the summer months several of the paths were waterlogged and very muddy, so good boots are a must. When I walked the trail the series owner had suggested going in wellington boots due a particularly flooded section along Hollow Marsh Lane at no.26. I didn’t fancy walking seven miles in wellies so I took some bin liners with me wear over my boots through the water, they did a pretty good job too.

The trail is mainly through fields along public footpaths. There are a few fields that are home to livestock including sheep and cows. The highlight of the walk was the Litton Reservoirs near Coley. The individual lakes are called Lower Litton and Upper Litton and together cover 24 acres. A public footpath goes around the crystal clear lakes and across the dam.  Fishing here is generally for rainbow and Brown trout and fish breeding takes place in the netted area immediately below the upper dam which is passed on the trail.  The reservoir is about half way around so a good place to stop for lunch.

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