Keevil Kanter Trail

Keevil Kanter, 33+ Caches, 10 Miles, Wiltshire, map

Book worm cache, Great Hinton

The Kevil Kanter is 10 mile trail with 33+ caches. It is mainly across footpaths and the occasional road. The cache owner has put out the series specifically with the purpose of keeping them open so in some parts the sign posting is not very good but I like this way sometimes as it keeps things interesting.

Following the wettest summer for 100 years, it was no surprise that many of the fields were very waterlogged with pools of water lying on the surface, the tracks were very muddy in places and the grass very wet but nothing a decent pair of boots could not cope with!

On the walk I came across a particularly memorable cache at Great Hinton called “Book worm” which is a nice little cache near to a phone box that has been adopted by the local residents and turned into a library including a chair outside to sit down and read the books.

I shall also remember this walk for other less pleasant reasons too. Everything was going fine until I took an unfortunate wrong turn on the way to number 20 and ended up in the middle of a higgledy piggledy farmyard come piggery! As I passed the abandoned tractors and miscellaneous farm machinery, the goats on top of the hay stack, the geese wandering about and the barking dogs in their kennel, I started to get a feeling that I shouldn’t have been there. All of a Sudden a loose dog came out of barn, barking very loudly. So, not wanting to draw attention, I looked for a quick exit and ended up ankle deep in slurry! The smell of which stayed with me for the remainder of the walk.

As the trail crosses farmland you are likely to come across some livestock at one stage I was completely surround by a herd of cows as hunted for an elusive cache, they were all very young and were just being inquisitive and were no bother, although if I had taken Pip my geohound with me it may have been a different story.

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Keevil Kanter Geocache Trail

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