Hiking Hullavington’s Hides

Hiking Hullavington’s Hides, 21 Caches, 6 Miles, Hullavington, Wiltshire

Today we headed down the M4 corridor to Hullavington for another of Rothallo’s series in the Wiltshire countryside. The series has specifically been designed with beginners and children in mind, so thankfully I found them all! The trail was mainly across fields and through crops and as is to be expected at this time of year the grass was very long in places, boots and long trousers were a must as some parts are muddy after rain.

Some fine views

I thought this was a lovely walk that is reasonably easy going and where the hides were all quite easy to find and there were some very good clues when they were needed. There are several stiles on way around but Pip didn’t have any problem getting past any of them and only one field of cows!

Hullavington Church

I parked up outside the church, quite busy this morning I think there was a service taking place. After a short walk down the quiet lane passing a couple of ponies, I soon had the first cache in hand but it took a few moments to find due to GPS bounce from the trees.

Very early on in the walk and we had to cut through a rapeseed field, it was much easier than I was expecting,  it was just the start and and of the path that was a bit overgrown, I’ve been through a lot worse this year!!

Long Grass

After the 4th cache we came to a little ford, Pip went for a paddle before we crossed over the stone bridge. for the next few caches we followed the paths around the edge of the farmers field, the grass through this section was quite long at this time of year but thankfully it was dry otherwise I’d have had very wet trousers by this point!

Surrendell Farm

We then turned onto a very muddy byway where I tried to navigate the best route along it avoiding the puddles of water and keeping dry boots.    Fortunately it was only a short section and we were soon on to a proper path leading upto the nice barn conversion.

After another meadow, we took a very long the straight track leading to a whopper cache at the end. Pip spotted a hare and gave chase and she disappeared for a few minutes when she got back she was worn out and began lagging behind a bit.

Avenue of trees leading up the drive to the farm

About halfway around and the trail started to turn back towards Hullavington, first cutting through Dunley Wood, then  along a long overgrown bridleway leading to Roberts Berry Farm.  The peace was shattered here with some children at the farm driving around on kart, but it did look fun.

A different kind of log!

After making our way up the drive and through the farm we eventually arrived at the bottom of the hill. We crossed through a couple of fields with very young crops before arriving at the one and only field with cows in!  As we entered the field, most of the cows were over the farside but a handful where nearer and as soon as they spotted pip, they started to wander towards us. I made a few shouts of “go away” in an authentic wiltshire farmer accent and waved my walking pole at them which seem to persuade them to stop.

A couple more caches and then a short walk back through the village to the car and we had finished the series.  All in all though we had an excellent morning’s geocaching in the Wiltshire countryside.

Hiking Hullavington’s Hides – Geocache Trail