Cranborne Chase Circular

Cranborne Chase Circular, 94 caches, 15 Miles, Dorset

There are 94 caches in the series, but you will pass several other caches so by the time you finish you should have reached 100.

Cranborne Village

This is a circular walk from the Village of Cranborne in Dorset to the village of Sixpenny Handley and back.

The walk is mainly along footpaths and bridleways with a few short sections of quiet country lanes.  Although I’m not a mountain bike cacher, it looked like the sort of route that you could cycle around most of the way.

These cows had the right idea in the hot weather!

I choose to the walk it in reverse order, for no particular reason other than I thought I may meet more cachers coming the opposite direction. As it happens I think the extremely hot weather this weekend actually kept many people away, plus there was a big event planned for the Sunday.

As the series owner states on the cache page, the route has been chosen for the views and through some beautiful Dorset countryside, I will vouch for that claim. Being a power trail, the series is mainly micros, but they are not all film pots  and when it calls for it the caches are larger.

This little fellow didn't reslise I was here!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the caches came thick and fast there are also a couple of surprises along the way as well.  On the way around I spotted plenty of wildlife including some deer, red kite, a donkey, cows of course and this little chap in one of the fields.

Around lunchtime I reached the little village of sixpenny Handley, it is roughly the halfway point in the trail and a good place to stop for lunch, I believe there is a pub and a village shop but I didn’t pass either. I did pass the village school however and they had created this little display for the forthcoming Olympic games.

There were a couple of fields that had cows or cattle in them, as I walked through one of them the whole herd of youngsters decided to form a procession behind me, then patiently waited whilst I found the cache. It may have been a different story if Pip had been with me!

Could be a challenge!

I thought this was a wonderful series, highly recommended if you are up for a challenge.  This was my first caching trip in Dorest and what a cracker to start with and I got my first 100 caches in a single day.

Cranborne Chase Circular

Cranborne Chase Circular