Catcott Circle

Catcott Circle, 19 Caches, 4 Miles, Somerset

After completing the Aschcott Circle in the morning I moved onto the Catcott Circle which starts and ends at Shapwick but heads north east to Catcott does a loop and returns along the same path.

If you want a full days caching trip, this can be combined with the Ashcott Circle or done as two separate trails as I did. So, a short drive up the road after lunch to Shapwick where there was amble roadside parking.

The first part of the trail was a walk along a quiet lane before turning onto a farm track and then cross country (beware of cows) to Shapwick across open fields. Out of the two series I much preferred the Ashcott Circle, but this was a nice accompanying series to it.

I managed to avoid this field of cows which were getting very impatient waiting for the farmer to take them for milking. I think the actual footpath would have taken me through the field but with a dog in tow, I decided best to take a detour.

At Catcott village I passed several vintage cards being washed and cleaned, I assumed they had been out at weddings earlier in the day.

The first part of the trail was a little unexciting but towards the end of the trail there were several good views across the countryside as I headed back into Shapwick.

Catcott Circle