Ashcott Circle

Ashcott Circle, 36 Caches, 10 Miles, Somerset

This is a trail of two halves of approximately 10 miles if done as one walk but there are two rings so you can easily break it down into two walks if you prefer.  Starting from the village of Ashcott in Somerset, the trail first heads east to Sharpham Park near Street, then north east to Buscott and back again to Ashcott.

I took about 5 hours in total to walk this great series. It has some nicely crafted caches and the amount of time and effort that has gone into it is clear to see and there was not a single micro, how many series can boast that? I saw lots of wildlife including deer, rabbits, sheep, cows, horses and various other creatures!

There is even an optional detour to pick up a chirp cache if you want to, and if you don’t have a chirp reading device you can still find the cache. Due to injury the series owner can no longer maintain it, so the series which has only been out for a year stands to be archived if a local cacher cannot be found to adopt it.

The trail is mainly across farmland, a mixture of arable and dairy and there is lots of evidence that this is cow country, fortunately we pretty much avoid most of them on our trip out.

The Glastenbury Tor (pictured) can be seen from several points along the trail, including this one at Sharpham Park.

Despite the misty start to the day, there are some great views across the Somerset countryside as we walked around the trail.

If you have a dog with you be aware that there is quite a bit of wildlife, including chickens! Don’t worry there are several warning signs!

As I travel the country I have decided to begin a free range egg survey! £1.50 a dozen here.

Back at Ashcott village and the church tower that can be seen across the countryside.

Ashcott Circle Geocache Trail