Our Walk

Our Walk, 9 + 3 Caches, 3.5 Miles, Oxfordshire

“Our Walk” is a lovely short trail consisting of 9 caches but with minor detours from the route it is also possible to find at least 3 others along the way.  The trail starts from the village of Childrey, just a few miles south west of Wantage in Oxfordshire.

The trail is mainly through open crop fields with some fine views and includes a short section along ‘Green Road’, a byway which has been badly churned up by 4×4’s, I was passed by two separate convoys in the short time that I was on it.

The trail leaves the village through crops fields and then joins a narrow tarmac path that almost doubles back towards Childrey and passes some paddocks.

The Green Road is actively used by 4×4’s, I was passed by several of them along this section and due to the amount of tree foliage that covers the track it looks like it rarely dries out  – wear boots!

Back on top of the hill amongst the crops to pick up the last couple of caches before heading back into the village.

Our Walk