Charlton Zoo

Charlton Zoo, 10 + 3 Caches, 2.5 Miles, Oxfordshire

Having completed the ‘Our Walk’ series in the morning, I had a few hours left in the afternoon to do another short series so this one seemed perfect.  The trail is a simple circular walk of around 2.5 miles and has been targeted at children so it has quick easy to find caches. The caches are all named after different animals, hence why it is called Charlton Zoo.

The outward leg of the trail took me along a wide grassy track called ‘Crabhill Lane’. At the second cache I met up with my good buddy Roobydoo who was doing the series in reverse order so he had almost finished. It was quite handy that we met up as no.2 ‘Pig’ took some searching out due to the growth of nettles and grass which had totally covered the cache, so together we hunted until we eventually found it.

The second leg of the trail took me along the edge of a disused canal and through a young beech tree plantation where the trees were planted in very straight lines.

The trail crossed an old bridge at the end of the canal section, it looks like an amount of restoration work has taken place but it will be a long time before the canal will ever reopen.

The final leg of the trail led me across several crop fields including some rapeseed! I could just about make out the Didcot power station in the distance. This was only a short series but perfect for the kids as it isn’t too long and the caches were quick and easy to find.

Chartlon Zoo