Ridgeway Ramble

Ridgeway Ramble, 12 Caches +2, 5.2 Miles, Oxfordshire

After completing the Chilterns Ramble in the morning I relocated down the road to do the Ridgeway Ramble, combining the two series made for a full day of geocaching. The Ridgeway Ramble is a very straight forward, dog friendly walk which takes in 3 short sections of National Trail paths. It is a mix of woodland trails and open Chilterns downland.

There was amble parking outside Swyncombe Church which was the starting point for this series. The trail heads off from the church and passes a church micro which is the first of the extra caches along the route. The first section is a wide beech lined bridleway known as “ladies walk”. The lid of of one of micro caches along here had been chewed right through, I assume by a squirrel rather than a geocacher!

After about a mile and a half down the track the trail turned onto “The Swans Way” long distance trail. The first part of this section of the walk was across very flat but open chalk downland and the landscape was very sparse of features and certainly no where to hide a geocache, so it was half a mile until the next one.

Once across the open fields, we gradually climbed Harcourt Hill and then turned onto “The Chiltern Way”, as we did so a huge bird of prey flew from it’s fence top perch and off across the countryside. The walk now took us across the top of a hill and provided some lovely views across the valley.

A flock of Apaca was the last thing I was expecting to come across on the trail.

Next we joined “The Ridgeway” and had to cross through a huge field of Rapeseed, AKA “Yellow Peril”! Thankfully the farmer had left a wide path through it so I didn’t end up covered in yellow pollen.  Soon after the footpath went through the lovely grounds of Ewelme Park, I had a sneaky look through the gates to see several Peacock walking around the driveway and sitting on top of the walls.

Finally, the trail led us through another large woodland and then descended down a steep hill to rejoin “Ladies Walk” and the path back to the car.

Ridgeway Ramble