REDs Tour of Paulton

REDs Tour of Paulton, 38 Caches (+7), 9 Miles, Avon, by R.E.D 99

Pip and I started the trail from the northern end of Paulton, a town about 8 miles south west of Bath. I parked the car in the free car park near the start of the trail and then followed the path through some new houses being built on the site of the former Purnell’s print works which closed in 2006.

There were a few caches along the path, but it wasn’t too long before we joined “The Limestone Link”, a long distance route of 36 miles long, joining the Limestone of the Cotswold to that of the Mendip hills.

View from Langfords Lane towards Paulton

It was a nice woodland path along side a little brook, but we weren’t on it for long before we had to turn off and climb a small hill to reach Langford’s Lane.  Along the very quiet road were some great views looking back over the northern end of Paulton.

After a few more caches, I caught up with a group of other cachers, including the Somerset Smurfs who owned the Chilcompton Charms, and Up and Down on Cock Hill series that I had completed a few weeks ago. I joined their group and we walked the rest of the series together.

View over Paulton

After leaving the road section, we took a footpath which slowly lead us up hill and eventually we reached caches 16 and 17 from which there were some great views across the rooftops of Paulton. The local cachers had a great time locating places that were familiar when they grew up in the area.

At no. 19 we took a detour, down monger lane to pick up a few other caches including one called “Black Mountain Views” which was placed near to a volcano shaped slag heap known locally as “The Batch” and is reminder of the coal mining industry that once was so important to the region.

After our detour we rejoined the series and continued along “Bince’s Lodge Lane” to no.23 where there were yet more great views from the top of Welton Hill across the Midsomer Norton.  This was the most southerly part of the series and from here we turned back towards Timsbury.

Walking down hill from Emma's Not so Lonely Cache!

The next batch of caches continued to take us northwards along “Broadway Lane”, which is another quiet road that eventually brought us to “Emma’s not so lonely cache“, I think this may have been renamed since the series was placed!

We took a gentle downward walk to Upper Radford, unfortunately our navigation skills let us down and on a couple of occasions we found ourselves on the wrong side of the fence. At Upper Radford we took another little detour to “La Valle Verte” which was  a very suitable description for the cache.

View from the top of Timsbury Bottom towards the Mendip Mast

By this point it felt like we were on the final leg of our long walk, but first, one final detour, this time up a very steep hill called “Timsbury Bottom” to find “Half a Tree and you can see the Mendip mast” rather a mouthful and a bit of a climb, but the best views of the day.  We were all pretty tired by the time we reached the top so we took a 5 minute rest stop before the easier walk back down the hill.

We soon picked up the trail and rejoined “The Limestone Link” for the final few caches of the series.

The weather was beautiful, the company was great and caching fantastic, everything required for a fabulous day out.

REDs Tour Of Paulton
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