Great Alne, Aston Cantlow & Animal Letterbox Trails

Great Alne, Aston Cantlow & Animal Letterbox Trails, 39 Caches, 10 Miles, Warwickshire

For my second day in Warwickshire, I planned a route that combinded 3 of HKMHill’s series into a kind of double figure of eight route.  The weather had not improved much at all from the previous day but at least we started in the dry.

We began the day from Great Alne. It was quite busy along the footpath leading away from the pub, it would seem this is the place of choice for the local muggles out on their morning walks.

Tethered Gypsy Horses

Leaving Great Alne, we headed east towards Aston Cantlow, collecting the first 7 caches in the GAW series. I had to give number 4 a miss because a security guard was on duty very close by. He was there to stop gypsies from entering with their caravans onto the land, they had already managed to tether their horses. I found out from the HKMHill when I logged my finds that the guard was aware of the cache!

Looking back down the hill from Rough Hills wood

Just south of Aston Cantlow we crossed through a caravan holiday park which was buzzing with muggles on an Easter Egg hunt. It was at this point we switched onto the AC series, but the first cache was right at the entrance to the park so required a lot of stealth.

New born lambs in the fields around Aston Cantlow

We completed the AC series collecting all the clues for the bonus as we went along. The series took us uphill to the sound of the church bells which rang out as we walked.  We went up hill, through Rough Hills wood and down the other side to Newnham and then back into Aston Cantlow.

Village Hall at Aston Cantlow

We stopped in Aston Cantlow and eat our lunch whilst working out the co-ordinates for the bonus cache in the AC series. In the heart of the village is a 16th century village hall and parish church which we passed on the way to the bonus.

We rejoined the GAW series at number 8 and headed south through Aston Grove woods then onto to Walcote.

Church at Haselor

When we reached Walcote, we briefly left the GAW series once again to find the 7 letterbox caches belonging to Part two of the Animal Letterbox series.  This was a nice little series from Walcote to Upton and back again. On the route we passed St Mary and All Saints Church which sits right on top of the hill at Haslor.

Great Alne Mill

Back at Walcote, we walked through the village with some very nice and large properties to the entrance of the church on the other side of the hill. From here we went north and crossing the River Alne, we arrived at Great Alne Mill, which are now luxury apparments but was once a working water mill. From here it was just a short walk through some paddocks back to the car at Great Alne.

In total we walked just for just over 5 1/2 hours and although the weather wasn’t the best it didn’t rain too much. All the caches on the trail have been placed by HKMHill and the 3 individual series combined together provided and excellent day’s caching.

Great Alne and Aston Cantalow Geocache Trails
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