Hobditch Hunt

Hobditch Hunt, 40 Caches, 9.5 Miles, Warwickshire, by Buttercup & Stormystorm

I was in the area camping over the Easter weekend when I completed this trail.  Over recent years we have had nice warm sunny weather, however this weekend it was forecast to be damp and dreary and it certainly started off that way on this trail. With 9.5 miles of footpath and 40 caches to be found ahead of me, I went prepared for whatever the elements could through at me and took my trusted geo partner, Pip the geohound along with me.

Quick history lesson before we start, the whole series centres around an ancient Roman area called Hobditch. At Deans Green, is an embankment known as the Hob Ditch Causeway. The name, Hob Ditch, appears on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey map, 1831. Excavations in the area in the late 1960s apparently revealed evidence of Romano-British occupation and the Hob Ditch Causeway is believed to be a Roman Road.

Railway Crossing at Dean's Green

The series can be broken into 3 loops so after parking the car up on the grass verge at the side of a quiet lane, we headed off across some paddocks and crossed a railway line at Dean’s Green and then walked around northern loop.

We had to wait for the muggle farmer to feed the sheep before getting the cache here.

After the northern loop we retraced our steps, crossing back over the railway line and heading north east as far as Mows Hill Farm, walking parallel to the Hobditch and crossing under the railway line this time. The north east loop is almost a figure of eight and brought us to Botley Mill stables where we had to cross a field containing a herd of cows.

As we entered the field and started walking across it towards the railway line the cows saw us and started running in our direction, it was a bit scarey at the time but we stayed calm and crossed the field slowly. After I shouted at them, they stopped advancing on us for long enough for us to get out of the field on the other side.

Daisy and her mates, more were around the corner!

Catastrophe avoided, we crossed the railway line at Blunt’s Green and headed south west towards the 3rd loop. On the way we passed by our parked car and sat in for lunch before setting off to complete the last 10 or 11 caches of the series.  The last loop took us towards the village of Ullenhall and around to Mockly Manor, this loop involved several road sections but there were very few cars along them to worry about.

This is a great series and a fabulous full days geocaching. It is clear to see that a lot of effort has gone into the series and I loved the novelty caches along the route which made a change from the norm.

Hobditch Hunt Geocache Trail

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