Charming Cherhill Series

Charming Cherhill, Cherhill Village, Wiltshire, 2.7 Miles, 9 Caches

Village Church and start of the series

I can’t believe that it has taken me quite so long to get out and do this wonderful little series. It was good to come back to the village of Cherhill because it is such a lovely place. I was out with Pip the geodog again and parked in ‘The Street’ near the church.   Having Pip with me, I was a little worried that roughly half the series takes you along roads but as it turned out they are quiet lanes and mainly running through the village with very few cars.

The first cache was near the parking spot, then it we set off up “The Street” then we turned on to a concreted track leading to a dairy farm at the end.  It wasn’t long up the track that we caught our first of many glimpses of the Cherhill Monument and White Horse chalk carving.

Character cottages in the village

Once past the dairy farm there was a short walk across the top of a hill with some great views before we dropped back down onto a woodland path to bring us back into the village along “Marsh Lane” and then back onto “The Street”, I think there were only 1 or 2 cars that drove past.

As we walked back through the village I couldn’t help but admire all the individual cottages, including the Old Smithy and Old Post Office.  A lovely little series along a mixture of country lanes and footpaths. The caches were quick to find but well hidden and a lot of effort has gone into making this a very enjoyable series. Definitely one I’d recommend.

Charming Cherhill Geocache Trail