Bremhill & Back Series

Bremhill & Back, Bremhill, Wiltshire 2.4 Miles, 8 Caches

Bremhill Village

After completing the Cherhill series in the morning Pip and I decided to head over to Bremhill and also complete this little series as it has been on our list for a while. We parked in the small village beside the gate to the church yard. We started the trail by walking through the church yard, passing the impressive church and leaving through a little gate that leads into the countryside and the top of Dumb Post Hill with some great views, it was a little cloudy but we could still appreciate it. Dumb Hill is a small hamlet containing an 18th century inn of rubble stone with a tile roof. It got its name because there was originally just a post for a sign to the hamlet with no name on it.

Unfortunately number 2 is archived so we headed to number 3 so quite a long stretch without a cache. First of all it was down hill (nice and easy) then into the field.  As we walked across  the field there were more fantastic views and we even spotted an otter, a bit bigger than normal so don’t know what they eat, then it was into a little wood where we spotted two deer, a goat and a couple of brown bears, we just couldn’t believe it. They all were very friendly and Pip didn’t know quite what to make of them. I was a bit worried by the sign by the cache warning us to take care and stick to the path due to archery practice! I hope the wildlife got away!

Dumb Post Inn

The next field was home to a herd of cows, but thankfully they were occupying part of it so we nervously passed through.  Most of them were feeding in the middle but one huge beast stood blocking our exit through the gate. We got within a walking pole’s distance of her but she let us pass without any problems, but I kept one eye on her as I found the cache and signed the log. This stretch of the trail was along the top of Wick Hill with some great views on a fine day.

The monument to Maud Heath sits high on the top of Wick Hill and as you would expect there is a cache nearby. I was passing by so close that I thought I’d pop by and see Maud, she looked a bit cold so high up. People around these parts like putting columns on top of hills don’t they? I had no problem locating the cache and then admired the views before heading back to the road.

If you go down into the woods today.........

This was a pleasant walk over the top of the hills and some lovely views. Pip needed to stay on lead for a fair amount of the walk but she didn’t mind and enjoyed herself when she was able to run about. I really enjoyed this walk; I think it is the views that made it so special oh and seeing two black bears in the wood!

Bremhill & Back Geocache Trail
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