Moonraker & Ring Around the Docks Trails

Moonraker & Ring Around the Docks, Worton, Wiltshire, 25 caches, 6.4 miles

It was a nice sunny morning back at home in Swindon so I decided to do a spot of Geocaching but by the time I got things organised and arrived at the start I think the best of the day had gone, but still perfectly good enough for Geocaching.

Village Hall

The Moonraker series had been placed over a period of time last year and now forms 16 caches on a circular route.  Adjacent to the Moonraker series is Ring Around the Docks, a smaller series of 7 caches including a bonus.  With only a small bit of back tracking it is possible to combine the two series to make a total of 25 caches including a few extra caches along the route.

We started the trail at Moonraker 1, where the first cache was only yards from the car parking spot.  First of all the route enabled us to find Moonraker 1 – 9, plus Little bridges 12 and Five Lanes before switching onto the Ring around the Docks an older series placed in 2008.  My plan was to find all the Ring Around the Docks caches and collect the clues for the bonus, but unfortunately no.1 was missing and we seemed to have missed out no.6 so we were not able to find the bonus on this occasion which was a shame.

Keeping a watchful eye!

After Ring Around the Docks no. 5, we went through the small but spacious village of Poulshot where one of the Red Boxes caches can be found, a very quick and simple multi. There were a few character buildings in the village and an interesting manikin outside somebody’s house.

The trail almost the whole way around was very wet and muddy today, the snow from the weekend had melted and the ground had thawed making it quite slippery and hard going in places. However, I thought that it was a very interesting and enjoyable trail despite conditions on the ground not being ideal. Good boots are a must at this time of year.

The whole trail took in total just about 3 1/5 hours to get around them all and despite lots of mud which I came prepared for it was a great afternoons Geocaching.

Moonraker & Ring Around the Docks Geocache Trail
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