Savoury Pie Series

Savoury Pie series, 13 Caches, 3.4 miles, Burbage, Wiltshire

I parked in the recommend parking space then carefully walked down the right hand side of the road as suggested fortunately there was wide verge most of the way the road being straight meant that I could see the cars coming and they cold see me. It was a lovely start to the day, a little on the cold side and a nip in the air when the wind caught my face but lots of blue sky. As soon as we hit the byway we were facing some great views and I got a good feeling about this trail and the 1st cache was quickly found.

The 2nd cache wasn’t so easy due to a farmer down the track cutting the hedgerow so I had to keep out of his sight. I suddenly spotted the cache but noticed the tractor was heading my way. The tractor stopped and the farmer opened his door and asked if was lost. Of course I said no, he seemed a friendly type so I explained that I was geocaching, and inquired if he knew what that is? No he said, so I explained briefly what it was and it turned out that he knew all about the “treasure hunting thing” and seemed very enthusiastic about it.We had a long chat and told me that most of the farmers knew that it “goes on” around here and thought it was great. So I said that there was one around here but I hadn’t managed to find it but I’ll have another look. I revealed the cache to him and he pointed out old plough sheer that it was hidden under was one he threw away years ago. We said goodbye and went on our separate ways.

It was a lovely walk up the gentle hill to number 3 and it was nice looking back down the track we had just walked, the cache was quickly found as there was very little camouflage left on it. It was here that I remembered that I was meant to be collecting the clues for the bonus, I always forget.

Pip and I continued up the path to number 4, it was another gentle uphill climb and we went up the views got better and better then at the top there was a fabulous 360 degree panoramic view. Definite Favorite point for this one.

After taking several photos at number 4 we turned on to a very muddy byway and headed down hill to number 5, once at GZ it was a nice quick find. I found some less muddy grass alongside the track which was a little less slippery, A 4 x 4 came up behind me so after it had past we were able to make a very quick find for number 6.

The wind was got up along this track making feel colder than it was. After the last cache the track dried out and wasn’t anywhere near as muddy. The walk continued through the shallow valley to GZ where cache 7 was found without any issues.

Having just said that the path had dried up we then went through some of the worst mud we’ve seen for ages between 7 and 8, I hopped up on the verge and side of the field but Pip thought it was more fun to wade through it all! After number 8, we turned sharply and headed up hill once again, but the path was very dry so I wasn’t complaining. I walked past number 9 one at first before realising my mistake.

We continued up the hill to number 10, at the top there was some more great views. The path opened out in to a very wide and exposed path towards no. 11, but once again the views over the countryside were superb.

As we headed down hill to no. 12 the high banks on either side of the path offered some protection from the wind but the cache was not to be seen at GZ. After briefly wandering around and checking out a few other places I suddenly spotted the container lying on the ground, it had obviously become dislodged from it’s spot. I signed the log and replaced as per the hint.

After number 12 I could work out the co-ordinates for the bonus cache, the problem was that I didn’t recording the clues until cache 3 but fortunately there was only one clue missing as no math’s were involved I could confidently guess the missing co-ordinate to enable me to complete this wonderful series.

I’ve had this one on my list ever since it came out and I’m so glad that I did it today with the fine weather it made this trail very enjoyable.   There were some great views all the way around the walk, the caches were well placed and the co-ordinates were spot on.

Savoury Pie Series