The Birds Series

20 Caches, 7 Miles, Warmington, Oxfordshire

Another weekend of unseasonal sunny weather so I headed a bit further afield to Warmington in Oxfordshire to to the Birds series by Marrow Bone. What a fantastic little series the 20 caches are made up of 18 from the Bird series and 2 others along the route. This trail took us through some beautiful countryside with some really great views and one that I would recommend. If you are taking your geodog then you will find that there are a few stiles but Pip had no problem getting through or over them. We passed through one field of cows, alpacas (enclosed) and there was evidence of cows but we didn’t see them today. This is highly recommended series. Watch the video below. or visit the Geocache  Trails YouTube Channel.

There was no guide on where to park so I parked down the lane next to the first cache outside a red tractor firm, being Saturday it was closed so it felt ok to leave the car here. After finding the first cache, which was really just a matter of opening the car door, Pip and I took the short walk down the lane and into a small caravan park.  We were immediately greeted with a beautiful view and this is where the trail started properly. Although it was nice weather, I was surprised to see several caravans using the site. There is a small fishing lake at the bottom of the hill so I wonder if this is what attracts them.

Cache 2 was just out of sight of the caravans but none the less we didn’t hang around, Number 3 was neatly hidden but didn’t take us long to spot either. We hopped over the first stile (one of several on the trip) and started heading to the number 4, some how though we had missed the footpath and ended up the wrong side of the hedge, we quickly back tracked and correct our course to reach GZ.

Nice view from the Caravan Park

So back on the right path, we continued along the bottom of small hill collecting caches 5, 6, 7 & 8 passing a small reservoir as we went. The landscape along here was great. Despite the fact that we were walking around cropped fields and the time of the year, the paths were in pretty good condition and not too muddy.

We the ascended a gentle hill through more cropped fields, just as we had got through the first of them, a tractor came into it spraying muck. 5 minutes earlier and we would have been walking through it! Number 9 was a clever hide, the kind that you either spot straight away or it will take you ages. From here the trail was along a small woodland path and up to the road to number 1o, which for some reason we completely missed and had to drive back again later for it.  The next section lead us along a quiet road to the village of Horley, Saturday morning seems popular for horse riders along here.  There is a multi cache in the village but we decided to press on along the planned trail. Beside a very nice looking old manor house we turn on to a dirt track known as clump lane and picked up number 11.  Numbers 12 & 13  quickly followed along the same track.  The next footpath lead us through an alpaca farm, after taking a few snaps and admiring their fringes we carried on towards number 14.

Alpaca farm

Caches 14 & 15 lead us to the village of Hornton, this section was along the top of a hill with some really lovely views, probably the best of the series in fact.  Cache 16 was from another series called the missing villages and took us through the village with its yellow stone houses.  The last 4 caches brought us back to the Caravan site with some more great views from the top of Bush Hill.

Marrow Bone has other series in the area so I will be back to complete those soon.

The Birds Geocache Trail
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