Newnton’s Contrasting Circular Trail

37 caches, 10.5 miles, Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

Newnton’s Contrasting Circular Trail, was my last trail of 2011 but also my first trail of 2012! I had not intended it to be that way but unfortunately as I got half way around the series the first time, I discovered my car keys were missing and I had to cut back to the start where I found them in a field just after number 1. I was very relieved to find them as you can imagine but by this time it was too late to continue the trail, so it meant a return visit to the area this week to finish them off.  I’ve compiled a short video of the trail, I hope that you enjoy it. You can also see it at my YouTube channel. More to follow.

Newnton’s Contrasting Circular Trail is a new series set out near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. It is mainly made of up of cleverly placed micro caches. However, as with other series by Rothallo, you may find you need to allow a little bit more time to complete than you would expect because some of the caches can take a little bit longer than normal to find, they just seem to blend in well to their surroundings.

Being 11 miles long it is definitely a full day’s caching, certainly at this time of the year when day light is limited anyway. The circular series starts from long Newton, heads south to Brokenborough and then through the well kept village of Shipton Moyne, where there is an interesting pub called the “cat and custard”. The trail then continues up to Tetbury passing through the beautiful grounds of Estcourt Park on the way.  From Tetbury the series continues through Folly Farm, a dairy farm with livestock and a very muddy farmyard!  Finally the route continues through a few more farms until it eventually arrives back at Long Newton. The impressive large houses in this village looks like you would need to be pretty wealthy to live here.  Another enjoyable trail.

Newnton’s Contrasting Circular Trail
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