Foxton to Norley, Pink ‘n Grey

25 caches, 7 Miles, Foxley, near Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Peaceful village start at Foxley

Christmas shopping complete (well almost) there was just time to get out for a spot of Geocaching. The Foxton to Norley trail has only been out a matter of a month and it is not too far from home so I decided that this was the perfect series for today.  You will be forgiven for thinking that this trail was done earlier in the year, as the weather today was absolutely fantastic for late December, the sun was shinning and the skies bright blue! Foxton and Norley as places do not exist, it is just the cache owner having some fun with the village names that you pass on the way around.

Although the sun was shinning, all day the temperature was only just above freezing most of the time, I couldn’t help thinking how cold it must have been on Pip’s paws, although that didn’t seem to stop her walking through the icy puddles, she wouldn’t have liked it if I left her behind. We started this wonderful series from just outside of Foxley and headed south to the village of Norton to collect the first 6 caches. From Norton we turned west to Sherston picking up the next 10 caches including one of the Off Road series of caches.  Then it was north to Easton Grey via Pinkney to find 5 more caches including the difficulty 3, It’s Tree-ly Good which was a good bit of fun along the way. Then finally we headed back south for the the final 7 caches including the Riverside Cache. We could have taken a detour for a couple more caches along the way, and if we had a bit more time we may have been tempted.

View near the Riverside cache

The whole walk took longer than I had planned, just over 4 hours! I think the slippery paths reduced our pace and the caches were harder to find than the average you tend to find on a series like this with some taking us up to 10 minutes to find.  Reading the logs this is not uncommon and this may frustrate some cachers but others will love the extra challenge. Pip had a great walk, but I don’t she enjoyed the hosing down so much when we got back home. This is a great series in through some nice countryside, visiting several villages along the way. There are quite a few stiles but none that Pip couldn’t either get over, under, through or around. There were a couple of fields with cows and sheep. I really enjoyed the peace and quiet of this location, we didn’t meet anyone else out today so we had the countryside all to ourselves.  I’d definitely recommend this series, but be warned it is hard going through the muddy fields in the winter but then most trails are at this time of year.

Foxton to Norley Geocache Trail
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