Winterbourne Wilds

15 caches (including 1 multi), 6 Miles, Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire.

Wild weather in Winterbourne Bassett

The Winterbourne Wilds is the first series by Winter Foxes to celebrate their first 1000 finds. I started the series from number 5 because I didn’t read the cache page so didn’t realise that amble parking was available at the Church. The weather had changed overnight, yesterday it was lovely an sunny but today it was drizzling which spoiled the views but not the walk. The walk crossed a variety of terrain including arable farmland making it more challenging during the autumn and winter months. I have to admit it was quite tough going across some of the fields today with mud sticking to our  boots (and paws) making them very heavy, so where possible we took the grass tracks around the edges.

The series joins two others in the area, Clyfee Pypard and Broad Hinton which means that I had a big gap between no.1 and no.15 as I’d previously completed the other two trails. The caches were of good quality and well placed.  There is a longish road section but it was so quiet lane and wasn’t a problem even with Pip the dog. We didn’t come across any livestock, so when we out in the countryside Pip could be let off the lead.

Wilds of Winterbourne

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