Circuit of Cocktails for Cachers

The Circuit of Cocktails for Cachers is a series of 31 caches through about 5 miles of Wiltshire countryside starting from the tiny village of Easton Royal and heading to Milton Lilbourne and back again on circular route.  This is a themed series with recipes for 31 different cocktail drinks, best attempted at home!

Thatched Cottages at the start from Easton Royal

The walk starts from the little village of Easton Royal before heading up the hill for some fine views. This is shooting country and as I set out on the walk this morning the beaters with their red flags were being transported and deployed across the area which caused a few delays for me.

Changing colours of Autumn - winter is just around the corner

Apart from the hill climb at the start, I found the route reasonably easy going throughout the trail. For the end of October, the weather today was fantastic, the sun was shining and and the autumn colours on the trees were a reminder that winter is just around the corner.

Great views from GZ

These were probably the finest views around the whole series, from GZ I could see all the way down the valley as far as Pewsey.

Half way around at Milton Lilbourne

About half way around the trail reaches another lovely village called Milton Lilbourne with it’s large Manor House and old church.

Some of the caches on the series were a little more challenging than the average, but none of them took too long to find. A couple of the paths were tricky to locate but the views on several parts of the trail were really nice. The countryside and location for the series is fabulous and I really enjoyed the trail.

Circuit of Cocktails for Cachers
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