Stan’s Sausage Series

Stan’s Sausage Series is a circular trail of 36 caches over a distance of about 7 miles starting from Melksham in Wiltshire.

Bringing home the bacon!

The series started from a new housing development but it is only a few minutes before the trail took me out into the countryside.  The series is set out in a figure of eight so can either be completed in one outing or walked as two separate trails, their are no bonus clues to collect on this one so you can start it any where you want to.  I started it from Snarlton Farm and followed it in order.

It's not too long before you are out into the countryside

Each cache is named after a famous and not so famous sausage with each cache page providing us with a brief bit of history or fascinating fact about the sausage in question so it was no mean feat to be able to come up with 35 of them.

I don't know about sausges but there was plenty of beef about

This is cattle country and early on in the walk the trail there is a straight 1 1/2 mile narrow stretch of bridleway between Manor Farm and Totterdown farm where I encountered a herd of friendly young cows grazing along the path. Being that the path was narrow I couldn’t go around them so had to go through them, but I’m pleased to say they kindly moved out of the way without giving me any bother. What they would have been like if I had one of the dogs with me I don’t know.


Cows were quite a feature on the walk but mostly they were in the adjacent fields, some were even quite cute!

Looking southwards from no.26

The trail covers a variety of scenery from views like the one pictured above to working farms.  The caches come thick and fast, all of them, bar one were quick to find which is what I’m looking on a large series like this.  All in all I found this a very enjoyable series and a great morning’s geocaching.

Stans Sausage Series Geocache Trail
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