Southward Down Trail

The Southward Down Trail is a series of 17 caches on a circular walk of around 4.5 miles starting south of Aldbourne village in Wiltshire.

Incredible light just after dawn

As we were experiencing the hottest October weekend on record, I decided to start off early on Sunday morning and make the most of it and I don’t think I could have chosen a couple of better series. The first was a brand new series called the Southward Down Trail by Roobydoo who is a geocaching legend around these parts.

October Dawn

It is possible to do the trail in any order so I decided to start at number 1, a good place I thought although I think there are more parking places in Ramsbury. My first cache of the day was  just south of Aldbourne village, an area I know quite well as I have my own series that cuts through the village. Arriving early-ish, the sun was still low in the sky and mist was evaporating off the ploughed fields bring a special feeling of peace and tranquility.

Byways ideal for biking

The terrain for the series is mainly along flint, chalk and grass byways but there is a section along a country lane. I’m not a cyclist,  but it seemed to me that it would be an ideal route for those who like to geocache on their mountain bikes. It is also a dog friendly route with just one stile and no livestock as such to worry about, apart from a few pheasants the occasional horse in their paddocks but thankfully no cows!

Sun flowers in the fields

I loved this series, mainly for the great countryside that it is set in, the ease of the trail and the well placed caches and at just under 5 miles it was an ideal length.