Lea to Lucent Circular

The Lea to Lucent Circular is a series of 22 caches on a 5 mile walk near Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Conkering the caches!

A great series that is set in some nice countryside. I wouldn’t recommend taking dogs on this walk simply due to the number of fields with cattle in them that you will pass through.  Without the dogs it was a very enjoyable walk and although there were a lot of cattle I didn’t feel intimidated by them at all.

Do they know something I don't?

There were plenty of parking spaces in Lea, I parked at the recommended spot just outside the baptist church, also near to the pub!! It wasn’t long before the trail took me out into the countryside. Signs that autumn was on the way could be seen in the changing colours of the trees and loads of conkers lying on the ground.

River Avon

The River Avon is a dominant feature along the walk and it was looking very picturesque, the dogs would have loved it. The photo above was a stretch about half way around the walk.

Protectors of the cache!

When I arrived at cache number 7, there were several cows sitting pretty much on top of the cache and having read some of the recent logs, I decided to miss this cache out today.

Walking through Cole Park

A section of the series took me through Cole Park with their perfectly pruned trees. There were also several fields of sheep along this section, penned in behind electrified fences which required careful hurdling!

Swanning around on the River Avon

Lea to Lucent Geocache Trail

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