View the Land

Following a very exhausting day’s geocaching on the Friday, I stayed over at the Three Horseshoes Pub at East Worldham, Hampshire. The pub offered very good value, a warm welcome and great food. I awoke early to a sunny morning so the early bird catches the worm so whilst everyone else slept I was already out on the hunt!

My room for the night close to the start of the series

My first series of the day was the View of the Land, it is a 17 cache series including a bonus on a 5 mile circular walk. The old 2003 cache of The St. Leonard’s can also be bagged on the way around. To quote from the cache page, “The ‘View The Land’ walk was inspired by a song of the same name by Hampshire folk song writer, arranger and singer Sarah Morgan”.

Bright in the sky the kestrel’s flight
Above ploughed fields where through the soil the chalk shows white
Across the downland slope where beechwood hangers stand
Come walk with me and view the land…

Easy going terrain through the early stages

The walk started a few yards down the road from the Pub that I stayed aat so it was an obvious series to begin the day. It seemed that some of the hides were a little harder to find or perhaps it was because it was still early, but several of the caches took a bit longer to find.

The paths were very good up  to cache 8, but between 8 and 11 the grass was very high through the meadows and around the edges of the field and it wasn’t long before the dew had soaked the bottom of my trouser legs! Halfway around the route turns east and follows Hangers Way northwards back to East Worldham.

St John's Hill

On the way back the the footpaths fine and towards the end of the walk the trail passed the conically shaped St John’s Hill, which is thought to have been the site of an Iron Age settlement and also where King John once built a hunting lodge.

This is very enjoyable series through lovely open countryside and a short woodland section, there was only one part that was overgrown but my trousers soon dried in the sun. The caches were  I’d definitely recommend the series.

View the Land Geocache Trail
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