Hendred Hike Series

After finishing the Chocolate series nearby, I decided to also walk the Hendred Hike series as it wasn’t too far away. Hendred Hike is a short walk of just under 3 1/2 miles with 9 caches starting from East Hendred, a small village near Harwell in Oxfordshire.

The walk begins from the historical “town” of East Hendred, where there is parking for several cars near to the late 12th century church of St Augustine’s. The church is apparently famous for it’s faceless clock. The route takes you down some quiet lanes passing the Roman Catholic church and monastery of St Mary’s before hitting the main trail.

St Augustine's - East Hendred

The trail proper starts with a gentle uphill climb along a shady woodland path. I dnf’d at cache 2, which had gone missing following some recent fencing work so I left a spare micro at GZ that I was carrying with me for such occasions.

From number 2 walk is easy going firstly across a corn field and then along a footpath backing onto some very large gardens. It then turns onto a nice wide bridleway than runs along “Horn Down” where you may be fortunate to see lots of butterflies darting around in the afternoon sun as I did. This section of the walk also provides a very good view of the huge Harwell power station which dominates the landscape around these parts.

Views of St Augustine's & St Mary's on the return leg

The route comes very close to the edge of the Harwell Business Centre but just before it does you turn right and continue along a man made track for the return leg of the walk. It is a long flat flat track with some pleasant countryside views over crops to the tall pine trees beyond.

I really liked the walk, the caches are generally easy to find the and with the easy going terrain it makes for an enjoyable series.

Hendred Hike Geocache Trail

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