Childrey & West Challow

To finish the day’s caching trip to Oxfordshire, I headed over to the village of Childrey where Rob72 has set up a number of caches that can be done as individuals or as a circular walk. There is no specific name associated to these caches so I’ve called them the “Childrey & West Challow trail”.

St Mary the Virgin Parish Church

The route that I picked was just over 2 miles long with 11 caches including one by snowflake along the Wilts & Berks canal.  The walk was a pleasant way to finish the day, as it was very easy going through some pleasant countryside and a couple of shortish sections of the disused Wilts & Berks canal. The last leg of the route was a gentle uphill climb to the impressive St Mary the Virgin parish church.

Childrey & West Challow Geocache Trail
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