Wychbold Wander – Trip Report

Wychbold Wander is a circular series of 19 caches around Wychbold and Stoke Prior in Worcestershire. The route is along a mix of fairly flat country footpaths, roads and a canal towpath, passing some interesting places along the walk. Yes, it does run close to the M5 and for a time you can’t avoid the rumble of the road, but once past this section the walk was very enjoyable.

Wychbold Farm

Starting from the small village of Upton Warren, the trail headed off along a footpath and towards the M5 motorway passing through a few large paddocks.  The path ran alongside the motorway for a short distance so it is fair to say it did get quite noisey. After about a mile along the footpaths, the trail turned away from the motorway and towards Wychbold. After finding a few caches along a quiet lane, the route then turned again and continued alongside the A38 passing by the Almshouses that were erected by John Corbett for retired salt workers.


It wasn’t long before the trail headed out into the countryside and past the huge 700ft high Wychbold Radio Transmitting Station which was established in 1934 and is the BBC’s most powerful long wave transmitter (I looked it up on Wikipedia)!

BBC Transmitters at Wychbold

From here it was through some open countryside skirting the edge of a nature reserve to get to the Worcester & Birmingham Canal (WBC). It was only a short canal section but it did provide a couple of additional caches that are not on the main series. The trail concluded by going through the village of Stoke Prior and then following the brook back to Upton Warren.

Wychbold Wander – Geocache Trail

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