Pipers Hill – Trip Report

Pipershill is a very nice circular series consisting of 13 caches on a trail of about 4 miles a bit further if you do the offset extension which unfortunately I didn’t have time to do on the day I was here. There is a bonus puzzle for the ‘sharp eyed’ cachers along the way around but I have to admit I failed to work if all out. A very enjoyable walk, a lovely series and fantastic afternoons geocaching, it was nice to meet some other cachers out and about as well.

A busy section through Hanbury Hall

The walk started from Pipershill and Dodderhill Common nature reserve where there was ample parking. I walked the series on a sunny Sunday afternoon which meant the first half of the trail was a little busy with muggles and several families out picnicing.

After walking through the nature reserve the trail headed up hill and past Hanbury church on the top of the hill, it was here that I met up with some fellow geocachers also out enjoying series.

Hanbury Church on the hill top where I met some fellow cachers

The trail continued through the Hanbury Hall estate which is now owned by The National Trust, then along a section of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal before returning  through a number of fields back into Pipershill nature reserve.

A nice section of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal

Pipers Hill Geocache Trail

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