Trip Report – Yorkley Circular

The Yorkley series is a short circular walk of about 4 miles taking in 10 caches around the village of Yorkley in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. This was my first caching trip within the forest and one that I’d been looking forward to for a while. A nice series with good clues to help me locate the caches reasonably quickly. Despite the rain I had a great time and enjoyed reading the information about the area as I went. Apart from a small section through the village of Yorkley, the trail was entirely through through the forest.

Nice wide track at the start of the trail

As recommended by the series owner chippybloss, I parked up at the free parking area across from the entrance to Mallards Pike.  Still in the area on a weekend camping trip, I choose this series for the Sunday morning caching session.

It was a damp start to the day, but fortunately it wasn’t cold so I didn’t let the poor weather put me off.  The parking spot was very near to the trail head so it wasn’t very long before I had bagged the first cache and on my way around the series.

After the first couple of caches in the forest I had to walk along the road to reach the next section, it was still early in the day so there was virtually no traffic to worry about. With the series being amongst the trees, I expected to get some gps bounce and boy, I sure got it at number 3, I searched a very wide area before eventually locating the cache, my search was helped by a surge of muggles who had all decided to descend on the area at the same time!

Airshaft that ventilated the railway tunnel that went under the road

By the time that I reached the village of Yorkley it was raining quite hard necessitating the waterproofs. I called in at the village store for a chocolate bar, a Yorkey of course, what else! Once through the village it was back into the forest to pick up the final caches before returning to the car.

Yorkley Circular Geocache Trail
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