Trip Report – Wolvesnewton

Having completed the Davauden series in the morning, I headed down the road to complete the Wolvesnewton series in the afternoon. Having been blessed with glorious sunshine at Davauden it decided to rain as I arrived a the parking spot so I let it pass over before setting foot out of the car!  The series is a circular walk of around 4 miles in and around the village of Wolvesenewton, Gwent in Wales, along public footpaths.

Through the churchyard to start the series

Overall I thought this was a good series but it was hard going in the mid section due to overgrown paths, and is probably best not walked straight after rain without waterproofs on! There were some great views but you should check the terrain rating before setting out to avoid any surprises!

To get on the trail proper it was necessary to walk through the church yard. Finding the way to number 2 proved a little problematic as I couldn’t locate the path. The OS map showed it going one way but I don’t think that this is the way people seem to go any more! The field was full of very long and wet grass! So by the time I reached the cache my trousers were soaked all the way through – yuk!

There are two particular things that I will remember about this series, the first being the fantastic views across the valley, virtually all the way around the walk with the best ones  being between caches 3 & 5.

Fine views over the valley

The second memorable thing about the series was the epic journey to reach number 6. The 3/3 rating on the cache page was fully justified At times I felt like Indiana Jones in the Amazon because the path lead me up a hill  and through a forest, but I’m guessing it is not a regularly trodden route judging from the seriously overgrown paths that I was required to negotiate! If I wasn’t wet before this section I certainly was once I got through it! I got wetter and wetter with every footstep and at times I could hardly see the path in front of me!

Heading upwards into the jungle!

Any way I eventually made it through and came out of the forest with a sense of relief and achievement and after that point the paths were much better.  There was an opportunity to visit the Church of the Holy Cross at Killwrrwg which is one of the remotest churches in the UK that is still in regular use. It can only be accessed by crossing two fields and a stream from the nearest house as mrjackoboy points out.

After the jungle hill climb the paths were much easier but there was on final steepish hill to climb up at the end, although well worth it for one final view at the top.

Final views

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