Trip Report – Devauden

The Devauden, trail in Gwent, Wales, is a series of 16 caches on a circular forest  walk leading to a 17th bonus cache starting from the village it is named after.  The cache pages say that it is about 5 miles long but I measured it to only be about 3.5 miles in total.

Great views along the route

The series made a great morning’s caching, I thought it had a good mix of caches and several clever and well planned hides along the way, clearly lots of effort had gone into it. The quality of hides was excellent, the hints were spot on, which was helpful at times when the gps reception was poor and I’d have no hesitation in recommending it.

Don't see too many of these!

The day that I completed the series it was a very hot & sunny so I was pleased that a large proportion of the trail was through Chepstow Park amongst the trees. There was a few hilly climbs but on the other hand there was also a nice long flat section along the main forest track.  Recommended.

Geocache Trail – Devauden

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