Trip Report – Ardingly Adventure

The Ardingly Adventure took us into the rather hilly area to the north-east of Ardingly, West Sussex, on a circular walk of about 3 miles. The series consisted of 7 traditional caches, some small and some micro, and one regular sized bonus multi-cache”. A very enjoyable mini series, ideal for an evening stroll.

Mob Caching!

We were camping across the road at the Show Ground for the weekend as my wife, daughter and friends were competing in an agility competition. I thought this series would be a nice geowalk with the geohounds after pitching the tents and a good way to introduce our friends to the hobby that they hear so much about. So in all 6 adults, 1 junior and 8 geohounds set off on the trail. It was a wonderfully warm spring evening, ideal for a pre dinner stroll.

The trail took us through a spectacular bluebell wood to start, with then through some open countryside with the final section taking us up a steepish hill. When we had finished, we ended up in the middle of the village so we headed off to the Oak Inn for a drink and and a bite to eat in the pub garden. By the time we had finished it was too dark to find the bonus, so that had to wait until the following evening to get it. The muggles amongst us seemed to enjoy the experience and I think that we have at least one new recruit. This is an excellent series to introduce muggles to geocaching with different sized caches and a bonus to boot.

Ardingly Adventure Geocache Trail
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