Trip Report – Little Durnford Ring

The Little Durnford Ring [LDR] is a circular walk of about 3.5miles mainly on public footpaths and bridleways around the lower section of the picturesque Woodford Valley with 14 caches and a Bonus cache. We completed this series on a beautiful Saturday morning in April along with my sister and her family who occasionally we go caching with. We all thoroughly enjoyed this series, it was a good length of walk for a morning or afternoon’s geocaching trip. The route is easy going, the caches of varying sizes are well placed and evenly spaced and set in some very pleasant countryside. Highly recommended.

Makes a change from the usual cows & sheep!

There was parking for several cars near the start (and end) of the walk where we could all meet up. It was an unusual start to a series, we followed the footpath sign to a big electric gate and pressed the button to reveal some splendid manor grounds and to our surprise several camels & pigs, the door automatically closed and we were off.

The walk took us through some beautiful manor grounds and over a river where we saw a couple of nesting swans. The trail soon turned into green fields and followed a little stream where all three of our dogs took a dip. After a short walk along a pleasant woodland path, we crossed a quiet road then headed through some larger crop fields. The farmer had kindly left a path through them, but it took us a few minutes to find it. We were supposed to looking out for a drinking trough but the crops had grown so tall they had hidden it!

The trail continued down a country lane and through the front garden of someones house before it crossed over the River Avon at Lower Woodford. We had contemplated taking a detour to the village for lunch but we weren’t sure if it was going to be dog friendly so decided against it, we drove past it later and it was packed, so obviously a popular place.

River Avon Crossing

With a bit of help finding the footpath from a local and we were soon starting the gentle climb up the Monarch’s Way taking in some fine views over the river and village below us, one of the caches was appropriately named “valley view”.

The final leg of the series took us through another field planted with rape-seed, the dogs had great fun running through it but when they came out they were all white faced and sticky, yuk!  A walk through an avenue of trees brought us back to the car, some of the group waited whilst the rest of us hardy soles walked a bit further to claim the bonus cache after  we had worked out the co-ordinates from the clues collected along the way. Highly recommended.

Little Durnford Ring Geocache Trail
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