Trip Report – Leigh Loop

The Leigh Loop is a trail of 64 caches placed over approx 13.5 miles of pathways and bridleways starting from Leigh.   The trail can be done in one complete circuit or two stages 1-26 (6 miles) and 27-64 (7.5 miles) both of which start and finish near the church, however there are no bonus numbers to collect so you can start anywhere and go in any direction.”  I chose to complete the series in one go on a gloriously sunny day at the start of April and it took me & Pip just under 7 1/2 hours to complete.

I thought this was a fantastic and very enjoyable series, definitely one of the best I’ve done and highly recommended by me and Pip. It was made great by the excellent caches which were well placed and easy to find, fantastic views and great scenery. The walk was fairly easy going over the distance and not too much hill climbing.

A lot of thought has gone into the series and it showed, even down to the detail of tape on top of the log books. I loved the novel hides along the way, all designed to keep the interest going over the long distance.  Sadexploration has done a cracking job on this series and put in a lot of hard work.

Starting point

We started the walk from the church in the picturesque village of Leigh.  Several of the fields at the beginning of the walk contained sheep which also meant that there were a number of stiles to negotiate in quick succession, but if wasn’t too long before we were through them and Pip was soon enjoying a good run through the countryside.

Blackthorn Blossom

The white blossom of the Blackthorn was out in abundance the whole way around the walk and we saw the first of the Bluebells coming into flower in pockets of woodland along the way, apparently the warm weather has brought them out 3 weeks earlier than normal.

Views of the North Downs

The first half of the series was a loop that took us eastwards along footpaths through Swains and Dene Farm’s to Nalderswood and then around to Sidlow and Iron’s Bottom and back again to Leigh. There were so great views towards the white chalky hillside of the North Downs and the remains of the old quarry could be seen along the route.

Pill Box at Ricebridge

The second half of the circuit was a figure of eight loop, first heading north through Little Flanchford farm and then towards Ricebridge Farm where we crossed the River Mole. According to a gentleman we met along our journey, it is apparently the only place around the area where it is possible cross. Not surprisingly then that several footpaths intersect here and one of many WWII Pill Boxes in the area was strategically sited in sight of the bridge.

After passing alongside a field of alpacas being fed we headed up to Trumpets Hill, then back to the river crossing via Little Manor Farm which appeared to be an equine centre & stables.

Fine countryside throughout the walk

We were then onto the final leg of the series, this part involved a few country road sections that were fortunately free of traffic and some more open countryside before heading back into Leigh.

Leigh Loop Geocache Trail
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