Trip Report – Avening Circular Walk

The Avening Circular Walk is a lovely 11 cache series made up of 10 traditional and a bonus cache. The trail starts from the middle of the medieval Cotswold village of Avening in Gloucestershire, located 4 miles south of Stroud and only a couple of miles from Tetbury, the (unofficial Royal Town of the Cotswolds).

There was plenty of street parking near the Bell Public House, not far from the start of the walk, which I had chosen to be the Church of the Holy Cross, apparently one of the best preserved of the ancient Churches in the Cotswolds.

Church of the Holy Cross

The walk began by heading out westward from the village, first going through Avening Park, where the footpath skirted around the bottom of a hill and followed the route of a little stream in which Pip took several opportunities to cool off. The first part of the trail was through sheep country and there werw plenty of signs to warning us about keeping dogs on leads.

Open Countryside through Avening Park

We continued picking up caches as we headed towards Nailsworth before we crossed through Hazel Wood. We missed the turn off for the intended footpath and ended up on a bridleway which fortunately also lead us back to the right path.

Through Hazel Wood on the wrong path

Once through Hazel Wood we were on the homeward stretch and soon heading back to Avening, leaving just one more clue to find for the bonus number 11 cache.  The last 3/4 mile of the walk from the edge of the wood to the village was along a hill top with some very nice views across the valley and over Gatcombe Wood on the other side.

View from Longman's Barn Farm across Gatcombe Wood

We finished the series by finding the bonus cache – I’ll not give anything away about it!  We really enjoyed this series and only had to worry about sheep for the first mile and a half but after that it was quite safe to let Pip off her lead. The trail took us through some lovely Cotswold countryside and reminded me why this is one of my favourite areas for geocaching.  (Trail completed 2nd April 2011)

Avening Circular Series Geocache Trail
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