Trip Report – Cache and Cakes

The Cache and Cake series is a set of 19 caches over 3.5 miles, placed around the bridleways of Eastbury. As I drew into the village of Eastbury I had a feeling of deja-vu, the last time that I was in the area was June 2009 when I visited to complete the now archived “Out of Eastbury” series.

Eastbury village - start of the trail

I remembered parking by the the old green village hall in 2009, so for old times sake I decided to park there again next to a field of sheep, baa! It was nice warm day but a little misty which was a pity, but it didn’t spoil this walk.

Pip enjoying the walk

We walked up Haycroft Hill and through Great Park Wood along the byway which was nice and dry following some glorious spring sunshine this week.  Half way round, near Burgess Farm, there are 3 additional caches up for grabs. I thought that I would easily be able to extend the circular walk making it into a round trip of 5.0 miles by including them, but it wasn’t to be so easy due to one of the footpaths being totally impassible. So after chatting a local who gave me a tip for a 1/2 mile diversion I was able to get back on track!

Great views

The first half of the trail was great and mainly through woodland, the second was even better, especially the path around Cleeve Hill where there were some very nice views across the countryside. The Cake series was absolutely delicious! Pip and I had a great time. Don’t start this walk on an empty stomach as I guarantee you will be feeling hungry by the end of it, my mouth is watering typing this blog!

Cache & Cakes Geocache Trail
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