Trip Report – Cowley County Parish

Cowley County Parish series was my chosen trail for Saturday afternoon. A medium length trail of approximately 6 miles with 8 caches including two multi’s set in Gloucestershire.  As with the trail in the morning the cache to miles ratio was quite low to what you may expect on a walk of this length, but again well worth doing. The trail started from the luxurious Cowley Manor hotel, then meaners through the surrounding countryside. Part of the walk took us across a short section of the Gloucestershire Way, an uphill climb that lead to some great views across the hillside. The series ended at a cache called “Suzies Pine” which offered a stunning view over Cowley Parish. Here, high up on the hill, a pine tree has been planted in memory of Suzie Edney, who died aged 19 in 1993 -a special place to pause and reflect.

Cowley Church

The first cache in the series was a simple off set multi that involved a visit to Cowley Church, it is only accessible by through the grounds of Cowley Manor Hotel.

Mill Pond

Cache 3, “Florries Florin”, is located beside a mill pond with crystal clear waters, it is deceptively deep as Pip was soon to discover. Nearby is St. Gile’s Church, which can only be accessed by going through the private garden of a neighbouring farm.

View from Coldwell Top

Looking down on Coldwell Bottom from the top! Stunning views across the valley.

Suzie's Pine

Cowley County Parish – Geocache Trail
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