Trip Report – A Bit on The Syde

I decided to revisit the Cotswolds this weekend to do a couple of trails following a very enjoyable trip to area recently. The first trail was the “A Bit on the Syde” series by Sketr1 a series of 7 caches on a 7 mile circular walk in Gloucestershire.  Considering the length of the walk, the cache concentration is very low, approximately 1 every mile, so for those cachers where it is “all about the numbers” this may keep you away, but really it shouldn’t as this trail has some of the best countryside going.

View from Brimsfield Park Estate

The trail started from the Brimsfield village hall where there is free parking for several cars. We then walked through the quiet village passing the war memorial and a couple of fine looking pigs in a field in the middle of the village.

The village Pigs!

Once through the village we turned into Brimsfield Park, which is a private estate. Here we took in some great views from the top of hill and I stopped to take some photos. The trail quickly descended down the hill, passing a largish lake before leading us through a tree lined valley and alongside a gently flowing stream.

Woodland Valley

After while we came out of the woodland and into some fantastic countryside and probably my favourite part of the walk, it was so peaceful through here with lots of photographic opportunities.  From Caudle Green, the trail continued through 3 miles of woodland until we reached Hanger Wood and then it was approximately 1 mile of open countryside back into Brimsfield village, the countryside on the last section wasn’t anything very special although we did pass a field that looked like it may be be used for medieval jousting or the like.

Woodland Walk

A Bit on The Syde – Geocache Trail
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