Trip Report – Lacock Wandering

Lacock Wandering is a new series of 20 caches on a 6 mile circular walk starting from the National Trust village of Lacock in Wiltshire. It has been a few years since I last visited the area so it was nice to return for this series. Thankfully today it kept dry for our walk but it was bitterly cold. It’s a nice trail and the cache owner billethecat has clearly put a lot of time and effort into the series. It has more than the usual number of cunning caches, some of which were very tricky as I was soon to discover when I clocked up 3 DNF’s! The ingenuity of some of the hides meant that it took much longer to complete the series than normal.

Bridges out of Lacock

There were a few stiles along the way but none of them were a problem for Pip. There was a fair amount of road walking today which meant she had to be on her lead for parts of the walk. Then, at the end of the morning walk, it was nice wandering back through the pretty Lacock village where a couple more caches were waiting to be found.

There is a £2 all day pay & display car park just outside the village and this is probably the best place to leave the car to start the trail.  The first cache is a multi begining at the village playing fields where we answered the questions and worked out the co-ordinates for the final stage and then which we found on the way to number 2. There were some excellent views of Lacock Abbey as we left the village.

Lacock Abbey

Nearly half of the trail is along a road or country lane and the first 2 caches take you along the busiest of them, but the caches themselves are located in sensible places where you can step aside from the traffic. The first 2 were quickly found but we came unstuck at number 3 and in the end had to concede the first of our DNFs.

A little further along we reached Cuthbert’s Bowden Hill cache, a big ammo can close to the tiny church of St Annes and a private crypt. Here we enjoyed some great views over the Rising Sun (which is a pub, we weren’t up that early)!

From this point we were off road for a while and into the countryside where pip was able to have a run. It was a little bit windy walking along the top of the hill and the wind chill made my hands gradually colder and colder.  There were several very clever caches through the section between numbers 4 & 9. The 10th & 11th cache completely eluded me, I blame it on the cold but I suspect that they were just very cleverly hidden.

Back at Lacock

After 10 we were onto a country lane which was so much quiter than the first road section. By the time we reached number 12 I was back on form and quickly bagged this and the subsquent 2 caches along the road.

Number 15 & 16 took us close to Ray Mill House belonging to Camilla Parker-Bowles, she wasn’t in and I don’t think she welcomed visitors judging by the amount of barbed wire around the grounds.  After another sneaky hide at 17, numbers 18, 19 & 20 took us back into the village where we found two more and spotted another team of geocachers.

Lacock Wandering Geocache Trail

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